Raising Conscious Children In The Lockdown

Dear fellow parents,

In today’s time, raising children has become very challenging and extremely demanding. To add to that, life in the city takes them away from the real joy of living in nature. When the lockdown started my family and I decided to move to our second home in a small town called Navsari where we are surrounded by trees and we have a small garden of our own in our bungalow as well.  We have a farm twenty minutes from here which my children have really enjoyed going too whenever possible. The real joy of touching the mud, walking bare feet, sitting by the balcony and reading a book, listening to the sounds of peacocks and birds are few things which they would never ever experience there or would otherwise be interested to explore during their busy lives in Mumbai. The usage of plastic bags, wastage of paper, segregation of waste, reduced water consumption is limited here, as is the usage of electricity. These are important life lessons to lead a sustainable and mindful life which perhaps they would not have learnt in Mumbai. Through doing, my children have learnt a lot of valuable lessons here while still pursuing their school education online.

Talking to them about the importance of trees, the need for fresh air for building up their immunity has really been fun for us as well and we are enjoying these experiences along with our kids. Encouraging them to spend time every evening around beautiful natural surroundings brings a lot of calm to their super active mind too. The most important of all is here they have realized how to be mindful of other life.  They now actually look down and notice small ants, worms and other bugs crawling and are extremely careful to not kill them. This is such a valuable lesson in kindness to other beings, empathy and tolerance.


I really hope every child gets an opportunity to spend some part of their day in the nature as it really will help them to live a healthier life, be aware and acknowledge all those amazing beautiful things that mother Earth has to offer each one of us.

Thank you
Rutavi Bhansali.



A little bit about the author:

Rutavi Bhansali is the mother of 10 year old Veer and 13 year old Ansh. She is also a teacher at the Cathedral and John Conon Infant School and has a diploma degree in Early Childhood Care and Education

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