A sustainable society, is an actively learning society! 

Let’s get honest, here. It’s not easy to show you what we can do with numbers, data and figures because mindset shifts are meant to be experienced. When a child, after playing Sea Samurais, stops his grandfather from throwing his tea cup on the beach, there’s a moment to be cherished. This beautiful happenstance is called reverse education. What is learnt by children through the games we design is transferred back to the elders in their family – parents, grandparents, older siblings and other family members. It’s funny how adults respond better to the lessons taught by their children!

Climate change is a real and immediate threat and it’s never too early (or late) for schools to step in and incorporate sustainable education into the curriculum. Some of the most powerful projects we have been a part of, involved schools in Singapore and Kuwait, where we created fun, interactive games tailor made to their practices.   

Here’s some food for thought – active citizenship, before it can trickle up to communities and institutions, needs to begin at home! Through our games, we forge strong emotional connects with children and this knowledge is carried across their growing years, enabling them to become change-makers and responsible individuals who can take cooperative action.

The true impact of the work we do at Upcycler’s Lab will be seen at the hands of a wiser generation, in a greener planet, 25 years from now!

But as of now, here’s where we are at: