Eco-Friendly Christmas!

Christmas doesn't have to be a burden on the planet. With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season. Here are some ideas to help celebrate the season while caring for the earth.

1. Give ‘Battery-Free’ Gifts

According to the EPA, about 40% of all battery sales occur during the holiday season. Discarded batteries are an environmental hazard. Even rechargeable batteries find their way into the waste stream eventually. Give naturally-powered toys or other alternatives. 

2. Shop locally

Give your local shops and markets some love this Christmas. As well as supporting independent businesses, you're likely to seek out special finds you won't get anywhere else. Supporting small businesses helps boost a strong, sustainable local economy. They have often put more care and love into their products. Plus, you're guaranteed to find a gift your recipient doesn't already own!'

3. Give a Handmade Gift

Another great way to help the environment, and to save some money in the process, is to make your own presents. Whether you love baking, sewing, or painting, why not get creative this season. Best of all, it will enable you to put your own stamp on a gift. Consider handmade gifts such as food; most grandparents would love handmade cookies and a card from the kids, for example.

4. Wrap your Gift with Recycled Paper or Fabric

More than half of us throw away last year's wrapping paper, we should re-use it instead. What many of us don't realize is that many paper rolls contain non-recyclable elements like foil, glitter, or plastic. Even better to opt for recycled wrapping paper or try wrapping gifts with fabric instead, using colorful fabric squares that can be reused again and again.

5. Buy Plantable Christmas Cards

A zero-waste alternative is plantable Christmas cards. When the biodegradable paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds will grow, and eventually the paper will decompose. Buy these from our store!

6. Don’t Forget the Tree! 

Buying an artificial tree will contribute to plastic waste but you can use it again and again. On the other hand buying a real Christmas tree could be more environmentally friendly than a fake one if you buy a certified tree so it is responsibly sourced. Be clear on how to dispose of your tree once the season is over, or if it’s potted – just replant it! The best option is to plant a tree in your backyard and decorate it every christmas. 

7. Turn your Houseplant into a Christmas Tree

Turn your existing house plant into a modern-looking, Christmas tree, all you'll need is some fairy lights! Alternatively, You could buy some wonderful houseplants that will become a permanent fixture in your home long after the festive season wraps up. 

8. Think about your Lights

Use LED lights on your Christmas tree, they use less energy and look just as good! Also, switch off your lights at night, it’s safer and won’t cost the earth.  

9. Decorate with Nature

Avoid plastic doodads and opt for wood, burlap, or organic cotton. Bring in elements from the outdoors to incorporate into your home, such as a wreath of pine boughs or an abandoned nest to place a candle within.

10. Choose Handmade and Homemade ornaments

Whether made by yourself or a local artisan, handmade items will bring a simple, beautiful energy into your home. Create your own ornaments or help your kids cut and hang snowflakes from scrap paper saved throughout the year. You can buy some beautiful plantable ornaments from our store

Conscious decisions can teach your children about the importance of our planet and ways to help save it. Let your family have eco-friendly Christmas traditions. These small changes can have positive long-term impacts on the earth.

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