Waste Warriors Boardgame

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How does waste get segregated?

More importantly, what happens to it once it has been segregated?

Where in the world does it go? Try your hand at Waste Warriors to find out!

Here is a board game which puts your child’s problem-solving skills to the test in order to come up with inventive solutions. Sort waste, put out landfill fires and work with a bunch of teammates to beat time and save the planet from hazardous waste.


Waste warriors is completely language agnostic and uses images to support gameplay. That means, you can literally play this with anyone around the world! Waste warriors can also be tailor-made made for specific regions based on local waste management systems, and easily integrated into green programs run by schools. 

For Ages 5 + 

Box Dimensions: 30  x 25 x 5 cms

Our games have been developed by a team of early education experts, curriculum developers, teachers, product designers and parents and are inspired by the Finnish education system. They have been specifically designed to engage and inspire bright, can’t-sit-still-for-a-minute children. 

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