Green Guardians Puzzle

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Green Guardians: Play to Protect our Planet

Raising Eco-warriors through Joyful learning : An exciting puzzle & storybook combination about responsible actions towards the environment ( For kids above 3 years)

Let’s start with the good news first – The planet really needs your help. Wait, this is a GOOD thing because there’s better news : You may not have all the answers yourself but you can show your child how he or she can learn to protect the planet through PLAY!

Green Guardians is an exciting storybook and puzzle combination which helps pre-schoolers get engaged and excited about making a positive impact on the planet.

We often think that movements begin with our minds and feet but honestly, it starts with the heart. Through the story of Forgetful Bob, we’re looking at raising awareness in an authentic way. After all there’s a Forgetful Bob in all our lives – the one who leaves the night light on, or takes a 30 minute long shower and never remembers to turn off the fan. (Maybe that’s you!) This beautifully illustrated storybook ends with the task to correct Bob’s action, and our own negligence, by prompting the child to switch off turned on appliances and turn off taps when they aren't in use in the puzzle boards.

For Ages 4+

Our games have been developed by a team of early education experts, curriculum developers, teachers, product designers and parents and are inspired by the Finnish education system. They have been specifically designed to engage and inspire bright, can’t-sit-still-for-a-minute children.

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