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Story Time with your beautifully designed cards!

I got this as a gift for my niece and it has turned out to a joyous and insightful story telling sessions with her father.
Lovely illustrations.

A refreshing change from regular flashcards 😍

All moms will agree with me on this that entertaining kids at home can be quite a task. We’re always looking for activities to do with them before giving in to screen time 🙈 Recently, we got our hands on these flashcards. At first, I thought it would be apt just for my toddler, but to our pleasant surprise, my seven year old loved them too! A refreshing change from the regular A for apple and B for ball, we learnt all eco friendly words with a small write up behind each card. Mommy, Zahaan and Alaizah approve!

Lovely Flash Cards!

These flash cards are a little different they aim to introduce the concept of saving the environment from a very young age to your children so the awareness is in the child from a very young age. The flash cards have explanations in very simple language with beautiful illustrations on them too. They are suitable for ages 3+. For example if it is alphabet E the cards will have the upper and lower case alphabet and will explain a concept such as energy. Which the parent or caregiver can tweak as per the learner’s understanding. So go ahead and buy these eco-alphabets flash cards. What’s more is these cards are made on 100% recycled paper and these cards can be recycled after use! Let’s come together to make our children aware about our lovely planet and make them aware how to preserve it!

Super interesting and fun!

We're always trying to become eco-friendly & teach our kid's about recycling.♻️
Wouldn't it be amazing to do that through puzzles & games which are made with recycled stuff.
Upcyclerslab has an awsome range of kids games and puzzles for all ages that teach your kids about the environment.
The one I'm using right now are Alphabet flash cards for ages 3+ relating each letter to the environment.
It's super interesting and fun way

Amazing Flashcards !

I bought these alphabets flash cards "My eco Alphabets" for Kanha from @upcyclerslab that teaches us regarding our ecosystem. Everytime we teach our kids A for apple, B for ball etc etc. This one quite different that relates to our daily life. It has C for compost, Z for zero waste and T for traffic. Though the age mentioned is 3+ but I got these for Kanha before he turned two as he was showing keen interest in ABCD which he keeps repeating all day and what better way to teach them the right words. High time that we teach them right and make them aware of our environment and how to protect it. I'm so happy that Kanha has started learning about it and now when I tell him for eg to turn off the water tap and not waste water he understands it.

Love the quality!

Absolutely love the quality of the the book covers .
And pages!