Giving gifts to clients and employees is a quick way to affirm important relationships. Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gesture like a small gift or a note of thanks. But what if that gift also helps you and your clients save the planet?


The culture of gifting and presenting it in the most attractive way has been going on for many years now. The word ‘gift’ just makes everyone so excited and thrilled. It is the most tangible way of how we humans express our love and happiness to our loved ones.


But have you ever given a thought about what happens to all the gifts boxes and wrappers after they are unpacked? Did you ever realize that all those fancy gifts that we buy, the wrapping papers and the gift presentation that we put so much effort into is actually harming our environment and wreaking havoc for the coming generations?

Sustainable gifting aims to minimize the use of resources, use natural, biodegradable & reusable materials, upcycle materials that have already been used and still exist somewhere on our planet, support artisans, pay all workers fairly and give back to the society in a positive manner.

Sustainable gifts help one reduce waste and embrace an Earth-friendly lifestyle. They can also help you make a strong statement about your values and beliefs.


What we offer: 

Seed Paper: Seed paper is a unique, eco friendly paper that is handmade from waste cotton and paper pulp instead of virgin wood. This paper is then embedded with seeds in the paper itself during the manufacturing process. When your client finishes using the paper, it can be planted directly into soil. The paper bio-degrades and the seeds become beautiful saplings. This paper can be embedded with seeds such as flowers, tomato, chilli, marigold, basil or tulsi. On this versatile paper, we can print your designs using non-toxic inks and make any of the following:

  • Diaries
  • Notebooks
  • Calendars
  • Bookmarks
  • Greeting cards/Thank You cards
  • Tags for products
  • Wedding cards and much much more!

  • Seed pens & pencils: Our seed pens and pencils are hand rolled and made from recycled paper. Regular seed pencils are made from virgin wood which require trees to be cut down. Pens are often made completely from plastic. Our beautiful alternatives can help you make the sustainable choice and reduce your plastic footprint. The best part is that each pen and pencil contains a biodegradable capsule at the top with seeds in it. Our set of 10 pencils has 10 different vegetable seeds in each pencil so you can literally have your own little farm! We can print your logo and customize the boxes of this amazing product

    This plantable stationery is great for :’

  • Event stationery
  • Freebies
  • Corporate Gifting
  • School stationery


    Grow kits: Why gift plants, when you can gift grow kits? Gift the joy of seeing a little seed grow into a beautiful plant with our grow kits. These kits include a biodegradable coir pot, a bag of organic soil and a little seed shape. All this comes in a brown box made from unbleached, recycled  paper. All the customer has to do is follow the planting instructions and enjoy the calming process of gardening. The coir pot can simply be planted in its entirety into a larger pot when the plant becomes big. We can provide branding on the outer box and add a note inside the box as well. Even the seed shape and the colour can be customized.


    Grow kits are great for:

  • Event gifting
  • Momentos at events
  • Wedding favours
  • Baby Shower Announcements
  • Milestone anniversary gifting




    Because your brand matters. Properly representing your brand and shaping how your attendees, partners and sponsors remember it are absolutely critical to the growth of your event and your business. 

    Every event is a chance to showcase what your brand and company stand for. Instead of reaching for another plastic pen or gift basket emblazoned with your company colors, try looking for alternative gifting solutions that create minimum impact on our planet, reduce waste and become more environmentally responsible.

    For this very reason, we have been partnering with various corporates and events for their event branding needs. It has proven to not only meet an organization’s CSR goals, but also develop a sense of passion for sustainability for employees and clients as we move forward to a sustainable future


    Each year companies like yours gift customers so many gifts. A customer becomes overwhelmed with so many different gifts. In such a situation, differentiating your brand for higher brand recall becomes very important. Show your customer that your organization is serious about sustainability by opting for our sustainable gifting options. Ignore the same plastic gifts that so many brands gift each year and opt for something unique and memorable.



    India's innumerable festivals, traditions and diverse cultures form the perfect occasion for mutually exchanging gifts.

    Earlier known as ‘dāna’, gifting culture in India has always been profound. In religious texts, ‘dāna’ was considered essential- a great responsibility as a practice of dharma.

    Soon royal gifting was accorded immense importance and had become a part of rājadharma. Later, it continued as a living belief and was practiced in ancient and medieval periods by Hindu kings, and then handed down to us. Not much has changed in today’s day and age. The act of gifting continues its legacy by being a gesture that creates bonds and establishes relationships of love and care

    But have you ever given a thought about what happens to all the gifts boxes and wrappers after they are unpacked? Did you ever realize that all those fancy gifts that we buy, the wrapping papers and the gift presentation that we put so much effort into is actually harming our environment and posing distress for the coming generation?


    When talking about sustainable gifting, there are endless options. We understand that sometimes it can be tricky to identify sustainable gifting options which is why we are here to help you make the process seamless.



    Why Choose Us?


    When using eco-friendly gifts, it’s highly unlikely that your competitors will be producing exactly the same content. This allows for your company to really make a mark in your area of operation, and for clients and customers to be able to immediately associate your brand with a specific product. This is great for potential business growth, as well as an effective way to show your company’s USP.

    This was highlighted in a recent Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study, which revealed that businesses can prosper by “avoiding imitation” to “discover unique market positions”, showing the international need for unique business concepts, such as sustainable gifts.


    Another benefit of the often personalised nature of sustainable products is the way they allow for gift-giving to be focused on your clients’ and customers’ needs and interests. As these are often niche gifts, they really allow companies to send a strong message of understanding and connection with their patrons, while reinforcing solid brand identity.

    This improves relations as well as making your company more memorable, as opposed to receiving another generic present. This is especially likely if the gift you give is practical and sustainable too.


    Unique and memorable

    When you gift a sustainable, plantable product it leaves an impression. It is something that your customer will engage with for a longer period of time and something that your customer will always remember. Our products tend to leave a lasting impression, so opt for them today.

    Fill the form below and reach out to us for all your bulk gifting needs! We are happy to customise our products based on your requirements!