How to Start Your Own Garden

Step 1: Pick Some Pots
With a pot, you can place your plants in convenient locations such as your home balcony, your deck, or your kitchen counter. The material of your pots can vary. They can be made of clay, wood, resin, and metal. You can also recycle your milk bags, juice cartons, old food containers as pots. What's most important is that it provides enough drainage. Any pot or planter you use must let excess water escape hence all your pots should have holes in the bottoms. Pick a container with an optimal size, something too large and your plants will spend excess energy growing their roots and something cramped will cause your plants to become root-bound. The optimal size will not hamper their nutrition or stress them.

Step 2: Choose your Plants
You can pick from a variety of options, researching which plants are suitable for your country’s or city’s weather. Pick indigenous varieties that promote ecosystem growth. Growing Herbs is always a good idea. They tend to grow prolifically and don't mind frequent harvesting. You can also go to a nearby plant nursery and simply pick ones that look pretty to you.

Step 3: Forget Seeds, use Starter Plants
Unless you're an experienced gardener or have done enough research around gardening it is advisable to use starter plants. Get them at a nearby nursery or a friend that already has plants you want. This will save you two to three weeks of growth time and increase your chances of a successful harvest.

Step 4: Get the Right Soil
When it's time to plant, use potting soil, not gardening soil. Potting soil drains water more effectively. The former is lighter and porous, while the latter is dense and traps moisture inside containers. You should buy a garden trowel if you don't have one. You will need it to dig holes, handle the soil and remove weeds when necessary.

Step 5: Care and harvesting
It takes constant, regular care for any plant to flourish. That means you must water them on a consistent schedule. You'll need to harvest them often if they are herbs. Plants require time and patience to grow well. Growing plants at home do not require too much space or effort. It is always good to have some plants at home. They keep the house looking good and your air clean.

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