Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Balloons

Balloons are made of Latex and Mylar, both of these materials cannot be recycled at home and are not biodegradable. The balloons end up in the bin and then in the landfill if you’re lucky. They could end up in the sea or rivers. Wherever they end up they’ll take years and years to decompose. You can buy the following eco-friendly alternatives to balloons at all local party supply shops, some can be made at home, perhaps as an activity for children.

1. Bunting and Banners

You can either make paper or fabric bunting or banners, depending on how you want to use them and if you want to reuse them for another party. If you want to you can write (or sew) a message onto them. Get creative, bunting doesn’t always have to be identically sized triangles.

2. Paper Chains or Garlands

They’re very easy to do and add a nice bit of color to the room. Alternatively, you could purchase some crepe-hanging garlands if you don’t have time to make something yourself.

3. Streamers

Another eco-friendly alternative to balloons which is a bit more interactive than other decorations are streamers. These are also very easy to make and will get the children running around the garden getting a bit of exercise too! Here is a step-to-step tutorial to make them

4. Paper flowers

These will take you a bit longer to make depending on how many you make and which design you choose. Paper flowers can be used as table decorations or even hung from the wall or ceiling. This is how you can make them.

5. Pompoms

Probably a bit easier to make than paper flowers, for the children anyway, are paper or fabric pompoms (or tissue puffs). Just like balloons they add a splash of color to the room and are extremely easy to make. Learn Here. 

6. Pinwheels

Pinwheels are a lot more fun than a balloon. They’re commonly found in party supply shops but are normally made of plastic. They’re surprisingly easy to make from a few materials such as waste chopsticks and colored paper. Watch this to learn how to make them. 

7. Bubbles
Blowing bubbles is fun. Find yourself some eco-friendly bubble solution and get blowing. You could even make the bubble solution yourself with eco-friendly washing-up liquid, water, and glycerin or honey. It’s best to mix it the night or morning before a party.

8. Kites
If you’re having an outdoor party you could provide kites. Even better if the kids to make them during the party?

Instead of buying new materials to make any of the above decorations, why not see what you can find around the house and recycle something instead. As you can see there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to balloons that are just as, if not more, decorative. So many of them are a lot more fun too and if you say no to balloons you know you’re helping to protect wildlife and preventing littering! A win-win for you and the planet!

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