Creative Activities to Teach Children More about Nature

Children can benefit tremendously by learning about nature from a young age.  According to a study from the University of British Columbia, young children who learn are more likely to cherish nature when they grow up. While going outside and experiencing the magic of nature first-hand is undoubtedly the best way to learn about our natural world, there is also a range of creative activities that can convey a valuable message to children. From drawing beautiful elements of nature to building a bug hotel and creating a variety of animal-inspired crafts, here’s a closer look at creative ways to teach your children about nature.

Draw Elements from Nature

Encouraging a child to draw elements from nature is a great way to teach them more about our natural world. Drawing trees and flowers is certainly rewarding, as are birds, mammals, and insects. Just like butterflies, dragonflies are both fun and easy to draw, especially when you experiment with different shading techniques and color combinations. While you are guiding your child through the steps of drawing a dragonfly, you can share a variety of interesting facts about these marvelous ancient insects that are often depicted in jewelry and other decorative objects. Other popular subjects to draw include snakes, fish, farmyard animals, and even the family pets.

Build a Hotel for Creepy Crawlies

You can teach your children a great deal about nature by helping them build a bug hotel for your garden using recycled materials. The list of possible materials to use is virtually endless and includes plastic soda bottles, egg cartons, wooden pallets, boxes, and natural elements such as twigs, sticks, and leaves. You can put your own imagination to good use and build a wonderful hotel for various insects including ladybirds, spiders, and beetles. There is also a wide range of easy-to-follow DIY bug hotel plans available on the internet.   Collect all the materials you will need before you start building and find a secure spot to stand or hang your hotel, preferably out of reach of your pets.

Make Animal Crafts with Purpose

Waste products from your home can also be used in a range of fun, nature-based activities that focus on animals. Old, plastic toy animals can be upcycled to make keychains, earrings, and pendants while unused plastic beads, fishing line, feathers, and plastic bottles can make beautiful bird-inspired wind chimes. Bottle caps, small magnets, and animal pictures can also be combined to make very cute fridge magnets that can be used to hang the rest of your children’s artwork where the whole family can see it. You can also gather scraps of old material and felt, ribbon, lace, googly eyes, and your glue gun and make a selection of cute animal finger puppets that is bound to brighten any child’s day. 

Children can benefit greatly by learning about nature. The learning can be made even more fun by incorporating it into a series of fun artsy activities.

Post by Sarah Peterson

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